Pool Acquisitions

UBI Group is a real estate solutions firm in the secondary mortgage market, specializing in non-performing residential
and commercial mortgages which we acquire in pools.  We then manage them individually, with the goal of ultimately selling
the rehabilitated mortgages packaged either as portfolios or as individual assets.

What We Fund

We invest in portfolios from $1 million to $50+ million, typically buying pools of aggregated multiple mortgages from an
extensive network of sellers – Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, Hard Money Lenders, Regional Banks, Community Banks, Warehouse
Facility Providers, and Individual Investors. We also invest in distressed individual commercial properties, minimum $2 million.
Acceptable property types include
multi-family, office, retail, flagged and stabilized hotels/motels, student housing, mobile home parks and self-storage.

We will accept bids from qualified

 brokers.  We
do not accept tapes (portolio) solicitations for distressed residential pools from brokers.  We have a proven, sophisticated
system to conduct a meticulous analysis of each portfolio, as well as a fast, sound method to provide speedy closings. We
primarily invest in:

  • Non-performing Residential Mortgages – 30 Days Or More Delinquent.
  • Non-performing commercial mortgages — 30 Days or More Delinquent
  • Geographically Diverse Assets.
  • Pools of Single Family Homes.
  • Pools of First Lien Mortgages.
  • Portfolios Of Up To $50 Million At A Time.

The Process

Our process, which customarily takes about 15 to 20 days from the first time a pool becomes available to us, is the following:

  • The Seller Emails The Completed Spreadsheet Below To Us For Preliminary Review.
  • We Assign A Senior Underwriter To Review The Portfolio.
  • We Respond Within 3 Business Days, Whether We Are Interested Or Not.
  • If We Are Interested, Then The Seller Transfers A Complete Set Of Files To Our Office Where Our Rigorous Due Diligence
    Process Begins.
  • Within 5 to 7 Business Days, After Having Reviewed The Files Thoroughly, We Will Get Back To The Seller To Identify Any
    Missing Items And Prepare To Issue Final Numbers On The Pool Of Product.
  • The Price Is Agreed Upon.
  • We Send The Seller A Standard Contract For Review And Signing.
  • We Coordinate With A Servicing Company.
  • The Pre-Closing Phase Is Completed And The Seller Sends Us Their Wire Transfer Information.
  • The Closing (Post Closing Involves Transfer Of All Original Paperwork).


Portfolio Management

Once UBI Group has acquired a pool of non-performing mortgages from the lender, we work with the borrowers to bring
their mortgages current. We renegotiate the terms of their mortgages to help return the loan to performing status, using
careful, strategic planning that combines proven servicing and seasoning methods.  In some cases, foreclosure is the correct
step to take, but our primary goal is to give the borrowers a chance to remain in their homes.